Caméscope HD/SD d'épaule P2 avec son viseur (sans optique)
• Capteur 3CCD 2.2 mégapixel 1920x1080
• Full HD 10-bit et audio 24-bit
• Codec AVC-Intra 100 permet d'enregistrer en 10-bit 4:2:2
• Enregistrement SD en DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO ou DV
• Enregistrement en plusieurs formats

  Moniteur vidéo LCD HD/SD 17"
• Résolution native WXGA de 1280 x 768 pixels
• Fonctionnement AC/DC pour utilisation en studio ou en extérieur sur batterie
• Affichage des formes d'onde et vecteurscope qui affiche toutes les lignes de l'image (sur les entrées SD/HD-SDI)
• Affichage de Timecode : Timecode (SDI et HD-SDI) , LTC ( Linear Time Code),
  VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code), LUB (User Bits among Linear Time Code),
  VUB ( User Bits among Vertical Time Code)
• Sortie casque jack et haut-parleurs intégrés




High-End Performance in a Compact, Lightweight Design. This 2/3-type P2 HD Camera Recorder Ushers in a New Level of Mobility to Nature, Dramatic, Documentary and ENG Production.

Memory Card Camera Recorder


Wireless Network Connectivity

*1: The optional AJ-WM30 Wireless Module and AJ-SFU3100G Upgrade Software Key are required for wireless connection.
*2: Playback of proxy data recorded in HQ or SHQ mode is possible with iPhone4 and iPod Touch fourth-generation and newer models.
*3: Proxy data can be saved only in PCs/Macs.
*4: The optional AJ-YDX30G Video Encoder Board is required for use of proxy data.
*5: To view streaming video may require AJ-HPX3100 software to be updated. Please refer to the Panasonic web site " Service and Support " page for more details. The use of DCF Technologies is under license from Multi-Format, Inc.

2.2-Megapixel 3CCD Offering Both High Resolution and High Sensitivity

2.2-Megapixel 3CCD Offering Both The camera section features a 3CCD system with a high-density 2.2 megapixel 2/3 type 3CCD to offer full-pixel HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and high F11 or F12* sensitivity. The switchable interlace/progressive system adapts to 1080/23.98p (or 29.97p, 25p) native video recording.

*F11 sensitivity is attainable in the 1080/59.94i mode, and F12 sensitivity is attainable in the 1080/50i mode.

14 bit DSP Circuit Achieves High Image Quality with S/N Ratio of 59 dB

Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC)

High-Sensitivity Digital Super Gain

The digital super gain (frame cumulative mode) lets the AJ-HPX3100 record with a high S/N ratio*1 and less of the noise that commonly comes with higher gain. The gain and digital super gain can be flexibly combined to achieve highly sensitive recording of up to a +76 dB*2 gain increase and 0.005 lx minimum illumination, to suit various shooting conditions.
*1: Due to the use of image accumulation, the number of recorded frames per second decreases. This results in a frame-by-frame playback effect.
*2: With super gain set at +42 dB and digital super gain (cumulative mode) at +34 dB.

DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch) Function

Simulation Showing the DRS Function
Simulation Showing the DRS Function Blown highlights and Blocked shadows are suppressed simultaneously.

Maximum 4x Digital Zoom

Digital zoom electronically increases the magnification rate of the lens by 2x, 3x or 4x. HD images retain their superior resolution even with zooming, and — unlike when a lens extender is used — brightness is not reduced.
*The digital processing effect is perceptible in the image when x3 or x4 zoom is used.

Seven Gamma Modes Including VariCam Film-Rec

The DSP circuit in the AJ-HPX3100 has seven selectable gamma modes. These include Film-Rec and Video-Rec gamma for movie production, which are the same modes incorporated in the VariCam.
• AJ-HPX3100 Gamma Modes
For SDTV (higher gain in dark areas)
For film-like TV production. This reproduces gradation
in highlight areas more clearly.
Smoother characteristics than FILMLIKE 1
Smoother characteristics than even FILMLIKE 2
For film-style image captures, provides low contrast
and a wide dynamic range
For cinema production that is also suitable for video display
images of 7 gamma modes

Scan Reverse Function for Film Lens Use

Scene Files and Lens Files

Focus Assist Function

5 User Buttons

The User buttons let you turn frequently used functions on or off with a single touch. In addition to USER MAIN, USER 1 and USER 2, you can change SHOT MARK and TEXT MEMO to other functions if desired.
MenuFunctionUserShot MarkText Memo
INH No assigned function
S.GAIN Super gain
DS.GAIN Digital super gain
S.IRIS Backlight compensation
I.OVR Half-step/1-step aperture during auto iris
S.BLK Lower black level below the pedestal
B.GAMMA Emphasize black gamma, black gradation
D.ZOOM Digital zoom ×2/x3/x4
ATW Auto tracking white balance
Y GET Display the center brightness value
DRS Dynamic range stretch
ASSIST Focus assist (graph display)
C.TEMP Change to a specified color temperature
AUDIO CH1/3 Switch audio channel 1/3 input
AUDIO CH2/4 Switch audio channel 2/4 input
REC SW Rec start/stop
PRE REC Pre-rec on/off
SLOT SEL Switch recording slot
PC MODE Switch device/host for USB mode
LCD B.L. Switch monitor backlight brightness
SHOT MARK Add/Delete a shot mark
TEXT MEMO Add text memo

AWB with Wide Adjustment Range and Advanced Functions

Optional Color and Black-and-White Viewfinders

Versatile Shooting Assist Functions

Comes Equipped with an AVC-Intra Codec

High-Quality 24 Bit 4-Channel Audio Recording

The AVC-Intra mode supports 24 bit digital audio recording* (16-bit for DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO and DV). The AJ-HPX3100 offers 4-channel audio in all recording modes. Each channel input can be selected from FRONT (mic), REAR (line) and WL (wireless). The level volume also supports 4 channels.
*The audio signal can be played back by using 24 bit digital audio equipment. For details, refer to " Note Regarding 24 bit Audio ".

The P2 Card: Reliable, Reusable and with Extended Recording Time

P2 card P2 cards feature a large capacity of up to 64 GB*1, a compact size, and light weight. In addition to the semiconductor memory’s inherent resistance to impact, vibration and temperature change, the P2 card also offers outstanding reliability. Unlike tapes and discs, it has no rotating or physically contacting parts. It’s built to withstand repeated recording and initialization over long term of use. The P2 card connector is specifically designed to stand up to the repeated insertion and removal involved in professional use.
*1: Total card capacity includes space for data management such as system data; therefore, the actual usable area is less than the capacity indicated on the card.

Immediate Startup and Better Data Protection

When you press the Record button in standby mode, the P2 cam instantly finds a blank area on the P2 card and begins recording. This speedy response shortens downtime when replacing batteries, and greatly cuts down on battery power consumption by letting you turn the power off during standby. P2 cards can even be exchanged with the power off. It can begin recording immediately even when you’re using it to preview video. In normal use, there is no chance of accidentally overwriting a recording. Recordings will not be erased unless you intentionally delete a file or initialize the card.

HD Recording Format supported by AJ-HPX3100
Recording video FormatPull downRec. Time (using two 64GB P2 cards) by Codec
DVCPRO HDAVC-Intra 100AVC-Intra 50
1080/59.94i - Approx. 128 min. Approx. 128 min. Approx.256 min.
1080/29.97p (over 59.94i) - - -
1080/23.98p (over 59.94i) 2-3 - -
1080/23.98pA (over 59.94i) 2-3-3-2 - -
1080/29.97pN (native)* - - Approx. 128 min. Approx. 256 min.
1080/23.98pN (native)* - - Approx. 200 min. Approx. 400 min.
1080/50i - Approx. 128 min. Approx. 128 min. Approx. 256 min.
1080/25p (over 50i) - - -
1080/25pN (native)* - - Approx. 128 min. Approx. 256 min.
SD Recording Format supported by AJ-HPX3100
Recording video FormatPull
Rec. Time (using two 64GB P2 cards) by Codec
480/59.94i - Approx.
256 min.
512 min.
512 min.
480/29.97p (over 59.94i) -
480/23.98p (over 59.94i) 2-3
480/23.98pA (over 59.94i) 2-3-3-2
576/50i - Approx.
256 min.
512 min.
512 min.
576/25p (over 50i) -

HD Multi-Format Capability, Including Native 1080p

DVCPRO HD Codec and SD Video Recording

Clip Thumbnail Function

The P2 cam automatically generates a thumbnail image for each clip. You can view thumbnails on the built-in color LCD monitor. Any of the clips can be accessed instantly. The new shift button and scroll bar allow easy selection of clips. A playback can be paused, fast-forwarded, and reversed just like a tape, and an unwanted clip can be deleted by selecting and deleting the corresponding thumbnail image. You can also specify a number of clips for seamless playback* or on-air broadcasting from fields.
* Seamless playback is not possible between clips recorded in different formats.

Advanced Recording Functions Employing Two Card Slots

• Card selection: The recording slot can be changed (sequential switching). This lets you review, organize, edit and transmit just recorded content. Content can also be organized while shooting, by switching cards for each scene category.
• Hot-swap rec: Thanks to the two card slots, you can hot-swap P2 cards for continuous non-stop recording.
• Loop-rec*: By allocating the open space on two P2 cards, the camera continue to record over that area until the operator pushes the stop button.
• Pre-rec: This stores approximately 8 seconds of video and audio data in memory while in standby mode and lets you recover and use the data from the approximate 8 seconds before you started recording.
• Interval rec*: This gives you automatic intermittent recording based on a set interval and recording time.
• One-shot rec*: This frame-shot recording function is useful for producing animations.
• Rec review: This lets you run a quick playback check of the clip-end you have just recorded.

Text Memo (Bookmark) and Shot Mark

When recording or previewing a clip, press the Text Memo button at any of up to 100 locations and a text memo label, similar to a bookmark, is registered. Using only the P2 cam, you can create a new clip with data copied between text memo labels. Text information can also be written into each memo. A shot mark, which allows convenient OK and NG marking, can also be added to each clip during or after recording. Text memo and shot mark facilitate the search and display of a desired scene during nonlinear editing.
*Text memo and shot mark cannot be added in Loop-rec, Interval-rec, or One-shot rec mode.

One-Clip Rec Mode

Supports Metadata Such as GPS Information

Direct Upload to a PC*1 or Nonlinear Editor

Direct Upload to a PC or Nonlinear EditorThe AJ-HPX3100 records the A/V data for each recording as a file on the P2 card, which eliminates the need for digitizing. The files can be used directly in a nonlinear editing system or, they can be transferred over a network or simply onto a hard disk drive. The P2 card transfers data at a high speed up to 1.2 Gbps*2 allowing faster, easier operation. The P2 card is convenient too — you can plug it directly into the card slot on certain laptops.
*1: PCs must be installed with the included P2 driver in order to mount P2 cards. For editing, PCs must be installed with P2-compatible editing software available from various companies. Read " Notes Regarding the Handling of P2 Files Using a PC ".
*2: 1.2 Gbps is the maximum transfer speed when using the P2 card E Series. Transfer speed is subject to changes depending on the system configuration.

High-Resolution Proxy Video Supported(New Option)

QuickTimeWhen equipped with the newly developed optional AJ-YDX30 Video Encoder Board, the AJ-HPX3100 can record proxy data, which supports a file format (please see the chart) with higher resolution and better sound quality than previous formats, in a P2 card or SD/SDHC memory card. Furthermore, it enables the evaluation of video quality during off-line editing to improve work efficiency.
*Proxy data cannot be recorded if the Loop REC function is used in recording. Proxy data is AV data with low-resolution video and audio containing a time code, metadata, and other control information. The use of DCF Technologies is under license from Multi-Format, Inc.

Wireless LAN Connectivity (New Option)

PC Browser iphone Browser • Camera recorder status display: Information such as video format, card/battery remaining capacity, time code, rec status, optical filter position, metadata and others can be checked remotely.
• Proxy video*3 playback and storage*4: Recorded video clips can be viewed on PCs/Macs, tablet devices, smartphones and portable media players. By connecting a PC/Mac to the AJ-HPX3100, you can save proxy data in the PC/Mac and also transfer files over the Internet.
• Metadata input and editing: Settings before recording, addition of GPS information, shot marks and text memos during recording, and editing after recording are possible.

*1: A device is connected in ad-hoc mode only.
*2: Playback of proxy data recorded in HQ or SHQ mode is possible with iPhone4 and iPod Touch fourth-generation and newer models.
*3: To use proxy video, optional AJ-YDX30G video encoder board is required.
*4: Proxy data can be saved only in PCs/Macs.
*For the latest information, see " Support & Download " on the Panasonic website.

Camera Studio System

This system supports low-cost studio integration. Two BNC cables allow the transmission of high-quality HD digital images, return images, tally signals, mic signals, and genlock signals over a cable length of 100 meters (328 feet) maximum. A special cable can be used to supply power to the camera.* For use with the AJ-HPX3100, the AG-EC4G Extension Remote Control Unit, which enables full control over image adjustments and recording, teams with the lightweight, compact, and highly mobile AG-CA300G Camera Adaptor.

Remote Control-Ready

The AG-EC4G Extension Remote Control Unit or AJ-RC10G Remote Control Unit* offer both studio use and direct connection to the AJ-HPX3100. This lets you adjust the images and control the camera operation while viewing the monitor.
*The remote control unit can control only functions supported by the AJ-HPX3100. It cannot control unsupported keys or dials.

HD/SD SDI Output Terminals and Down-Converter

Standard HD/SD SDI Input Terminals

The AJ-HPX3100 supports line recording through the SDI input terminal; thus, it can be used as a portable recorder. It supports 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 480/59.94i and 576/50i input signals.
*The input signal must be in the same format as the recording format of the camera recorder.

Genlock Terminal for Return Video Signal Input

Return video signal (analog HD-Y signal) input to the GENLOCK IN terminal or HD/SD video signal (HD/SD SDI signal) input to the SDI IN terminal can be viewed on the viewfinder.
*The input signal must be in the same format as the recording format of the camera recorder.

XLR Audio Input with Automatic Switching Function

USB 2.0 Interface

TC IN, TC OUT Terminals

Other System Functions and Options

• UniSlot ® wireless receiver compatible (2 channels).
* UniSlot ® is a trademark of Ikegami Tsusinki Co., Ltd.
• Anton/Bauer light connector on the top (lower front side of the handle).
• Equipped with earphone terminals (stereo mini-jack) and speaker.
• Multiple battery support, including Anton/Bauer or IDX batteries*.

* The V-mount battery plate is required for IDX batteries.

Compatibility with Nonlinear Editing Systems

There are many nonlinear editing products in the market that already support P2. P2 native editing makes it possible for you to maintain high-quality video and a flexible editing workflow.*
* For information on compatible nonlinear editing systems, visit “Nonlinear Compatibility Information.” For the operating requirements and other details of editing software, visit the website of the relevant software manufacturer.

Recording ModeFile FormatVideoAudioTotal Record Rate*3Recording Time*3(per 1GB)
ResolutionCodecBit RatechannelCodec
SHQ 2CH MOV*1 MOV 960×540 H.264 High Profile 3500 kbps 2CH Linear PCM Approx. 5060 kbps Approx.25 min.
HQ 4CH MOV*1 MOV 640×360 H.264 High Profile 1500 kbps 4CH AAC-LC Approx. 1780 kbps Approx.72 min.
HQ 2CH MOV*1 MOV 640×360 H.264 High Profile 1500 kbps 2CH AAC-LC Approx. 1650 kbps Approx.78 min.
LOW 2CH MOV MOV (1080) 480×270
(NTSC) 352×240*2
(PAL) 352×288*2
H.264 Baseline Profile 800 kbps 2CH AAC-LC Approx.950 kbps Approx.135 min.
STD 2CH MP4(default) MP4 320×240 MPEG-4 Simple Profile 1500 kbps 2CH AAC-LC Approx.1650 kbps Approx.78 min.


System workflow

System chart

Cliquez sur l'image pour zoomer. Image non contractuelle
Panasonic AJ-HPX3100
Caméscope épaule P2HD et AVC-intra, 3 CCD 2/3'
Des performances haut de gamme dans un Compact, léger Design. Ce 2/3-type P2 caméra HD enregistreur inaugure un nouveau niveau de mobilité de Nature, dramatique, documentaire et la Production ENG.
Nouveau produit

Le nouveau AJ-HPX3100 peut il suffit de changer la façon d'afficher les enregistreurs de caméra diffusion haut de gamme. Son nouveau design de corps a un centre de gravité bas pour une stabilité accrue et vous donne une vue dégagée sur les deux côtés. Il pèse seulement environ 3,9 kg (8,6 lb). Deux fentes pour les cartes P2 résident sur le côté où les commandes principales sont disposés. Bénéficiant de la mobilité excellente et opération facile, la section de la caméra intègre un 3CCD 2.2 de type 2/3 mégapixels, un DSP de haute performance et un AVC-Intra Codec LSI. L'AJ-HPX3100 enregistre la vidéo HD de qualité broadcast avec une résolution complète-pixel (1920 x 1080) à l'aide de 10 bit / 4 échantillonnage. Il a une grande sensibilité de F11 (60i) *1 ou F12 (50i) *1 à 2 000 lx et à faible bruit avec un dB 59 *2 S/N ratio pour assurer le niveau de l'enregistrement de qualité qui est exigée pour la production vidéo et de radiodiffusion. Les fonctions de P2 HD nouvellement offertes par l'AJ-HPX3100 comprennent 24 bit audio, *3 haute qualité proxy enregistrement *4et capacité d'entrée de métadonnées sans fil wireless LAN *5. Armé de la fiabilité et l'enregistrement rapide en chantier des cartes mémoire à semi-conducteurs, l'AJ-HPX3100 pourrait révolutionner votre flux de production de nouvelles collecte et programme.L'AJ-HPX3100 a également considérablement réduit la consommation d'énergie par rapport à la classique modèle *6, donc améliorer la mobilité et d'aider à protéger l'environnement mondial.

  • Un organe nouvellement conçu avec faible Centre de gravité offre une vue dégagée sur les deux côtés et pèse environ 3,9 kg (8,6 lb) sans accessoires.
  • Consommation d'énergieest environ 34 W pour l'enregistreur de caméra seulement, environ 23 % inférieurs à un model.* classiques6
  • Le 3CCD de type 2/3 2.2 mégapixel fournit à haute résolution full-pixel (1920 x 1080) images HD.
  • Une grande sensibilité de F11 et F12 *1et un excellent rapport S/N de 59 dB.*2
  • L'AVC-Intra 100 codec enregistre des images de haute qualité à l'aide de 10 bit / 4 échantillonnage.
  • Appuie enregistrement audio haute qualité 24 bit *3
  • La fonction d'enregistrement d'un clip enregistre des coupes multiples dans un seul élément.
  • Nouvelles options permettent de proxy de haute qualité vidéo *4 et capability.* de LAN sans fil5
  • Facultatif couleur ou le viseur de type en noir et blanc.
  • Prend en charge les systèmes de studio de caméra facultatif.

2-Megapixel 3CCD offrant deux haute résolution et haute sensibilité
La section de caméra comporte un système de 3CCD avec une haute densité 2.2 mégapixels de type 2/3 3CCD afin d'offrir la résolution full-HD (1920 x 1080) et haute sensibilité F11 ou F12 *. Le système commutable entrelacé/progressive s'adapte à 1080 / enregistrement vidéo native 23,98 p (ou 29,97 p, p 25).

14 bits de qualité supérieure en matière d'Image atteint DSP Circuit avec S/N Ratio de 59 dB
Le circuit DSP de haute performance prévoit riche gradation et reproduction des couleurs superbes basé sur 14 bits conversion A/D. Avec un rapport S/N de 59 dB (lorsque le MRN est activé), elle offre aussi faible bruit. Le circuit caractéristiques image haute précision qualité ajustement fonctionne comme une fonction de détail de ton peau et une fonction de correction de couleur indépendante 12 axe. Le nouveau circuit DSP atteint moins de consommation que les modèles précédents.

Aberration chromatique Compensation (CAC)
Cette technologie exclusive fonctionne entre la lentille et de la caméra, permettant un algorithme très sophistiqué être déployé qui compense automatiquement l'erreur d'inscription qui est causé principalement par l'aberration chromatique de lentille et minimise l'effet de flou voisin.

Haute sensibilité Digital Super Gain
Le digital super gain (mode cumulatif de trame) permet l'enregistrement de AJ-HPX3100 avec une haute S/N ratio *1 et moins le bruit couramment fourni avec plus de gagner. Le gain et le gain super numérique peuvent être combinées avec souplesse pour atteindre l'enregistrement très sensible à une augmentation de gain +76 dB *2 et 0,005 éclairage minimal lx, en fonction de diverses conditions de tirs

Fonction de DRS (plage dynamique étendue)
DRS reconnaît la luminosité moyenne des zones de surbrillance et d'ombre et ensuite automatiquement ajuste l'ouverture et utilise le contrôle de genou pour supprimer de blocage dans les zones d'ombre. Dans les scènes avec les zones sombres et claires mixtes, DRS fournit automatiquement une plus large gamme dynamique avec les faits saillants soufflés minimes et ombres bloqués. Deux nouvelles couleurs sauver des modes (Mode 1: couleurs naturelles, Mode 2: couleurs éclatantes) pour effets haute luminosité et une fonction de réglage de la profondeur (3 étapes pour le niveau de compression) ont été ajoutés pour améliorer l'ajustement.

Maximum 4 x Zoom numérique
Électroniquement, zoom numérique augmente le taux de grossissement de la lentille par x 2, x 3 ou 4 x. Images HD conservent leur résolution supérieure même avec zoom, et — contrairement à quand un extendeur lentille est utilisé — luminosité n'est pas réduite.

Sept Modes Gamma, y compris VariCam Film-Rec
Le circuit de DSP à l'AJ-HPX3100 a sept modes gamma sélectionnable. Celles-ci comprennent Rec-Film et vidéo-Rec gamma pour la production de film, qui sont les mêmes modes incorporés dans le VariCam.

Fonction inverse pour utilisation de lentille de Film de balayage
La fonction inverse de balayage AJ-HPX3100 annule l'inversion d'image qui se produit lorsque les adaptateurs de lentille Angenieux ou Canon HD sont utilisés.